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...Zemi Island Designs in Coral Bay, St. John is a captivating jewelry store nestled in the heart of the US Virgin Islands. This emporium of elegance showcases stunning, handcrafted pieces inspired by the natural beauty of the Caribbean. From exquisite necklaces and bracelets to intricate rings and earrings, Zemi Island Designs offers a curated selection of unique and timeless jewelry. The store's knowledgeable and friendly staff ensures that each customer receives personalized attention while exploring their exquisite collection. Whether you're a jewelry connoisseur or searching for a special gift, Zemi Island Designs is a must-visit destination for all.

The Lore of Hook Bracelets

The evolution of the tradition of wearing the St. John Hook Bracelet can be attributed to the symbolism associated with the hook itself. The hook is often seen as a symbol of strength, resilience and determination. As such, wearing the St. John hook bracelet with the hook facing outward can be interpreted as a personal declaration to actively seek and pursue love. It signifies an individual's readiness to embark on a journey of finding a romantic partner!

On the other hand, wearing the hook facing inward can be seen as a symbol of contentment and fulfillment in one's current relationship. It represents a sense of having already found love and being in a committed partnership.

Given the multiple possibilities and personal interpretations, the exact origin of the tradition may differ depending on cultural and individual beliefs. Ultimately, the St. John Hook Bracelet's symbolism has evolved into a distinctive way for individuals to express their romantic intentions and relationship status.

About Us

Jeff Donnelly

store owner


Established in 2018 ZEMI is the sister store to JOLLY DOG, and fast becoming recognized for it's high caliber offerings and unique designs. We have always had a passion for unique design, quality craftsmanship and lasting appeal. With ZEMI, we aim to bring you some of the best in with our signature Zemi Hook Bracelet collection, Local Made St. John Hook Bracelets, Caribbean Hook Bracelets, Larimar jewelry, South Sea Pearls, Chaney Jewelry, Paua Shell Jewelry, Wreck Coins, Amber, Gemstones, Petroglyph Jewelry, as well as an eclectic array of local artists, Fine art and much more!  WWW.ZEMISTJ.COM


The average women's size bracelet is size 7. The average men's bracelet is size 8. If you are ordering any size other then the above recommendation please measure your wrist very carefully to avoid getting the wrong size bracelet.

Measure the circumference of your wrist with a tailors tape measure and add 1/2". Your actual wrist measurement + 1/2" is your bracelet size.Wrap a string around your wrist and mark where it crosses. Lay the string flat on a ruler and note the measurement. Add 1/2". Your actual wrist measurement + 1/2" is your bracelet size. 

For example:

a) if your wrist measures 6 1/2 inches, add one 1/2 inch. You would order a 7 inch bracelet.b) if your wrist measures 5 3/4, add one 1/2 inch, which would give you 6 1/4 inches, now round off to the next size up. We would recommend ordering a 6 1/2 inch bracelet.

ABOUT CBJ HOOK BRACELET SIZING Please message us to ensure accurate sizing. Sizing on these bracelets represents outer dimension of bracelet. We will need to get your actual wrist size to and add appx 1.25" to arrive at correct size.


All of our shipments go via USPS Priority Mail, Fully insured for the items value. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so please interact with us if you would like more info, specs or details regarding items of interest. Returns are costly and would be at buyers expense.


Zemi is just a short drive from Cruz Bay, about 8 miles. Located at Isola Shoppes on the water in Coral Bay. (@isolashoppes) There is almost always a pleasant breeze, plenty of parking, and ample space to spread out and RELAX!

Zemi Island Designs

13A Carolina Coral Bay, St. John 00830



BEAUTIFUL jewelry. I text them (as I am in upstate New York) and wanted to order the hook bracelet. Wonderful communication....fast delivery and my bracelet is AMAZING!!!

Denise Morris
Hadley, New York

They have very nice unusual pieces. We saw a lovely mermaid bracelet and necklace.

Tom Miller
Topeka, Kansas
The best! Appreciate their help with Christmas shipping!
Joan Fox
A Frequent Island visitor